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More things to do around Flores

Cerro Cahui hike

Cerro Cahui hike

Cerro Cahui nature reserve hike tour

Playa Chechenal

Playa Chechenal

El Chechenal lakeside tour

Lake at Remate

Lake at Remate

Lakeside el Remate, Peten, Guatemala

Fantastic fun for all the family!

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Hike at Cerro Cahui nature reserve

30 minutes from Tikal or Flores, is the Cerro Cahui nature reserve.  A protected area at the edge of the lake, distinctive because of its crocodile shape hill and jungle vegetation.  For those who love a good hike, there are two trails, a 4 km or a 6 km hike, both reaching a lookout on the top of the hill, with spectacular views of the lake and surrounding area.  Bring swimming trunks for a refreshing swim in the lake afterwards!

Tour includes transfers there and back (From Flores or Tikal), entrance fee to the park, guide and box lunch.

  • Hiking tour

  • Daily

  • Leaves from Tikal or Flores

  • Includes transfers from Tikal or Flores to Cahui nature reserve and back

  • Includes entry fee to the reserve

  • Includes guide

  • Includes box lunch

Swim at Chechenal lakeside

Want some fun and relaxation?  What better way to unwind than to take a boat ride to el Chechenal.  A pretty lakeside beach, just a 5 minute boat ride from the island of Flores.  A hidden local gem most visitors dont even know about.

Tour includes boat ride from Flores and back, up to 2 hours at el Chechenal, beach fee, and a refreshing picnic.

  • Swimming activity

  • Daily

  • Up to 2 hours

  • Leaves from Flores

  • Includes boat ride from Flores to el Chechenal and back

  • Includes el Chechenal fee

  • Includes picnic

Island of Flores, historic tour on foot

Go local! Take a walking tour around "la isla bonita".  Your knowledgeable local guide will bring the island of Flores to life, with tales of its proud history, from Mayas to Spanish conquistadores.  Explore all the nooks and crannies, and take lots of pictures of its pretty and multi colored colonial buildings.  Get tips on the best places to eat, drink, and hang out on the island.

  • Walking tour of Flores

  • Daily, at various times (meeting point at Restaurante Raices, dock area - transfers to meeting point not included).

  • 45 minutes

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